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DOG HELIOS ® is our Outdoor, Camping, and Protective Inspired Ultra-Premium Higher-End brand. Helios's Collections are viewed in Retailers spread across the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China and Japan. The Dog Helios ® Collection features the most advanced weatherproof, waterproof, impermeable and windproof outdoor fabrics and technologies, our fabrics are further treated and coated to ensure our Quality is unmatched. Our outdoor dog accessories are proven and tested to withstand with most frigid weather conditions whether your hiking in the sun or walking your pet in the colder weather - our products can withstand below zero temperatures and hurricane force winds. Helios's outdoor collections feature Full-Bodied protective dog winter coats to outdoor sporty harnesses, leashes, collars and camping beds. Helios's fabrics feature patented Blackshark ® Technology insulation fabrics as well as DUPONT and 3M reflective fabrics. Helios had launched in 2013 with a talented team of designers and engineers with the strongest backgrounds in developing lifestyle and outdoor brands for the largest human apparel brands in the country comparable to North Face or Spyder with added functionality.


For more information or to request our Dog Helios ® catalog, email us at:, OR become a member, get approved same / next day, and our outdoor dog accessories catalog is easily accessible online and our most updated catalogs are posted there for viewing. Retailers may also order on our site upon approval. To learn more about our ordering programs click on our programs tab to learn more!

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