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PET LIFE ® is a Mid-Tier to Higher-End Full Line collection of Pet Supplies as an every day brand. Our Collections are viewed in Retailers within the North American and South American regions. Pet Life ® symbolizes the very meaning of Quality and Functionality with selling features spread across our collections. This brand is primarily focused in developing unique and innovative Pet Supplies. Our brand had launched in 2007 with a primary focus in Fashion, since then the Pet Life brand has expanded into numerous categories while staying true to it's fashion origins. Since 2007 our Pet Life brand recognition has gone mainstream. Our goal is to become the premier everyday brand as we continue to spark our brands influence globally!


For more information or to request our Pet Life catalog, email us at:, OR become a member, get approved same / next day, and our catalog is easily accessible online and our most updated catalogs are further updated online for up-to-date viewing. Retailers may also order on our site upon approval. To learn more about our ordering programs click on our programs tab to learn more!

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