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Press / Marketing

Press or Marketing opportunities? We'd love to hear from you!

Editorial Marketing:


If you are a Publication, Social Media Influencer or Blogger seeking editorial content or write up we'd love to work with you and help provide any necessary marketing materials or content. Please email us at: and please include the wording "Attn: Editorial Press" within the subject field.

Product Placement:

If you're seeking product placement on any Televised Networks, Social Channels or Web-Video based oppurtunities we'd love to hear from you!  Please email us at and please include "Attn: Product Press" within the subject field. 


Referral Marketing Program:

Presently we do not offer a referral marketing programs. Our Referral Marketing Program is coming soon. 

Other Marketing:

For various other marketing opportunities including Co-branding opportunities pertaining to paid advertorial press you may email us at with the subject reading "Attn: Advertorial"


We would like to thank the many businesses and marketing agencies that have worked with our company in providing all sorts of targeted brand awareness. We value and appreciate the marketing opportunities and distribution. We will always do our best to provide our marketing affiliates with the freshest available content, marketing materials and ideas or marketing concepts. We love connecting with consumers however possible. Whether you're a Televised Network, Blogger, Influencer, Marketing Agency or Advertorial business we're always here to work with you!

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