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Q & A - Drop Ship

Question: Does Pet Life offer drop shipping services?

Answer: Pet Life offers drop shipping services for the following brands: Pet Life, Dog Helios, Touchdog, Touchcat

Question: Are there any fee's associated with drop shipping?

Answer: There is a recurring fee of $29.00 per month for utilizing our drop ship services.

Question: Do you provide product information on an excel sheet?

Answer: Product information will be provided in an excel sheet once account is setup.

Question: Do you provide an inventory sheet?

Answer: Our inventory file will be provided in a CSV sheet once account is setup.

Question: What are the shipping costs?

Answer: Shipping is already included in the cost of the products if shipping within the United States. If shipping to a location outside the US, rates will be calculated at checkout. 

Question: How long does it take until my order is delivered to my customer?

Answer: Orders are shipped out within 1-2 business days. Transit time for orders shipping within the United States are anywhere between 2-7 business days. Transit times to a location outside the US will vary.

Question: Will I receive tracking information once my order is shipped?

Answer: You will receive a tracking # and the carrier used to ship your order once your order ships.

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