Miley Cyrus Reveals That Her Pet Pig Pig Past Away

Miley Cyrus has recently just lost her pet Bubba Sue a.k.a. Pig Pig. The musician revealed on Wednesday July 10th.

The news broke when the artist shared a touching tribute to her beloved pet on her Instagram stories.

“Very sad to say … my dear friend Pig Pig has passed away,” she captioned above while a video of her holding Pig Pig. “I will miss u always. Thank you for so many laughs and good times girl.”

Later in a separate posting Miley showed off a much younger

version of Pig Pig. Where she kissed its snoot.

“I will miss you Pig Pig,” she wrote.

After which Cyrus also shared a few sad songs for her Pig Pig.

Pig Pig will surely be missed.

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