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Visit our branded site at www.touchdogbrand.com or to learn more [click here]

TOUCHDOG ® is our Fashion Inspired Premium Higher-End Label. Our Touchdog ® Collections are viewed in Retailers spread across the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, China and Japan. Touchdog is inspired by the most up-to-date western-inspired human fashions that come together as a collection like no other pet brand today.  Touchdog had launched in 2005 with a talented team of designers and engineers with the strongest backgrounds in developing lifestyle brands for the largest human apparel brands in the country. Our fabric qualities are unmatched with precision to detail and every last stitch - each and every Touchdog piece is custom embroidered with unque lifestyle prints and hand stitched with attentive craftsmanship. Touchdog is among the most recognizable brands in the Pet Industry within the U.K. today.  Our goals are to continue our upwards trend and continue our rock solid brand outreach. To learn more about our brand visit our Brand page at www.touchdogbrand.com


For more information visit our branded site at www.touchdogbrand.com or to request our Touchdog ® catalog, email us at: Info@petlifecentral.com, OR become a member, get approved same / next day, and our catalog is easily accessible online and our most updated catalogs are posted their for viewing. Retailers may also order on our site upon approval. To learn more about our ordering programs click on our programs tab to learn more!