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VITAWAG ® is our All-Natural Line of pet vitamins and supplements consisting of the very best ingredients made in the U.S.A. All of our All Natural Vitawag Supplements are Manufactured in FDA Approved and compliant facilities our products are further produced in facilities apart of the All Natural Products Association of America. Vitawag's customized and proprietary blends are composed of ingredients that are 100% All Natural with no added Dyes, Chemicals, or Preservatives. Our Super Concentrated Liquid blend is available in smaller 2 OZ bottles that pack an average 24 Day Supply of All Natural Vitamins. Simply Drip in water N' Sip. Our liquid pet vitamins and supplements are available in 4 Dog and Cat loving flavors: our Banana blend is packed with Potassium - great for neutralizing PH levels and Heart Support, our Blueberry blend is enriched with Anti-oxidants which helps support Immune and Digestive Health while helping rid the body of Free Radicals, our Strawberry blend features Vitamin B-12 and our Anti-Inflammatory formula that helps promote quicker healing and last our Mint blend is our Electrolyte formula with ingredients that help ease arthritis while soothing the stomach for older pets while maintaining fresh breath. Our bottles are sold individually and 16 and 24 case assorted packs (16 Count = 4 per flavor, 24 Count = 6 per flavor). 



Our Probiotic Chew able Tablets are available in 4 Dog and Cat loving flavors and feature proprietary blends of premium ingredients while offering added benefits and features incorporated within each of our blends. Our Tablets are available in 30, 60, and 90 Day supplies. Our Beef Flavor blend is great for Joint Support, our Salmon fish blend features Omega-3 and offers a high-level of Skin and Coat support, our Chicken flavor is packed with Anti-oxidant enriched ingredients, and our Vegan flavor is our Sweet Potato straight probiotic blend.



To learn more about Vitawag ® pet vitamins and supplements visit our website at For additional information or to request our Vitawag catalog, email us at: /, OR become a member, get approved same / next day, and our catalog is easily accessible online and our most updated catalogs are posted their for viewing. Retailers may also order on our site upon approval. To learn more about our ordering programs click on our programs tab to learn more!

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